Looking to upgrade your electrical service Panel? The Pros at Gulley Electric have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Do you currently have 100 amp service and are looking to upgrade to 200 amps? Need sub-panels installed for a new addition or garage? We work with the local utility company to ensure you're not left in the dark for days on end. Most panel upgrades are completed same day.<br />

Gulley Electric has been providing Commercial Electrical Service on Nantucket since 2001. Whether you are building a new restaurant or renovating an office building, our highly trained professional electricians can make sure the new electrical service is up to the task. We can provide project estimation, management, design and installation. Problems with your current service? We can troubleshoot your existing system, identify any problems and then design and implement a new system to solve those problems.<br />

Are you adding a pool, hot tub, garage or an addition on your home? We can provide the electrical wiring installation for any type of addition you may be making. Are you remodeling a kitchen or a bath? Let Gulley Electric make sure that all the wiring is up to code. Is there some electrical component in your home that may not be working properly? Electricity can be dangerous, so we highly recommend calling a licensed electrician. We can troubleshoot the problem and make the needed repairs.

Need more electrical outlets for a new home office or finished basement? We can help. We also install GFCI Devices (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) which provides the best available protection against severe shock and electrocution. A GFCI device will de-energize a circuit when it senses a difference in the amount of electricity passing through the device and returning through the device, or a "leak" of current from the circuit.<br /><br />Gulley Electric also offers hardwired smoke detector systems to better protect your home.<br /><br />

Looking to add more lighting to a space? How about fluorescent lighting to your shop or garage? Accent your hallways with beautiful sconce lighting or spice up your dining room's atmosphere. Enhance the beauty and elegance of your living room with a new chandalier.<br /><br />Looking to add some new outdoor lighting? Let Gulley Electric give you some new ideas. You'll be glad you did!<br /><br />CEILING VENT FANS<br /><br />Combine warm temperatures and high humidity in a bathroom and you create ideal growing conditions for mold. Those conditions can also deteriorate wooden and metal fixtures. Reduce humidity by having Gulley Electric install a ventilation fan. We can wire the lights and fan to come on at the same time or separately depending on your needs.<br />